The Sriubos diena (Soup day) restaurant is a revival of the first Parisian restaurants. As a main course we offer soups with distinctive flavours from different nations: French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Scandinavian, Thai. The first restaurants in the 16th century offered large portions of nutritious soup, richly flavoured with spices. The original meaning of the word “restaurant” – a place where forces are restored by food. 

You can choose the size of your portion in Sriubos diena. You will certainly feel satisfied after a large portion, and the children’s portions are the perfect size for them. The restaurant also offers salads, appetizers, desserts, wine and beer. If you want a quick and tasty lunch – you will find just what you want in Sriubos diena – a real adventure of taste. Quick, healthy, tasty – the slogan of Sriubos diena Enjoy!

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